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"I wash it every 3 days with either Gentle Lather Shampoo or Hair Cleansing Cream. To wash, I take a puddle of whichever cleanser I’m using, rub my hands together and smooth it over my hair like I’m putting it in a ponytail. I then massage my scalp all over to produce a lather, and finger comb that lather through the length of my hair. This gets it clean without causing tangles."

"After rinsing really well I condition in the shower with Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner, or if my hair feels particularly dry that day, I’ll use the Deep Treatment instead.  I wring my hair out really well, put about two handfuls of conditioner in my hair and finger comb it through the length so all the hair is coated. I then put it up in a bun for the rest of my shower so none of it gets rinsed out by accident."

"After about 5 minutes I take it out and gently comb with a wide tooth comb to detangle and get all the shed hairs out. Once it’s all detangled, I rinse upside down to encourage volume at the roots. "

"While my hair is still soaking wet (and still upside down) I put a nickel sized dollop of Too Shea, and a  puddle of Rockin’ Ringlets into my palm, rub my hands together and rake that through my hair 4-5 times.  (Yes, you can totally use Too Shea as a leave in – I do it every day!  ) I then scrunch (with my head still upside down) about 5-6 times, then scrunch in a puddle of Confident Coils Styling Solution."

"Then I grab my microfiber towel (which of course is hanging by the shower in easy reach) and scrunch with that 7-8 times to soak out the excess water and help the ringlets form better."

"I follow that with one more small puddle of the RR/CCSS combo just so I get enough product in there. "

"I then plunk my curls down into a microfiber towel and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. This has allowed me to reduce the time I spend blow-drying. It’s basically like scrunching your hair for the length of time you have it on your head. If I leave it on for more than 20 minutes it can start to get frizzy, so 15 is really the max for MY hair. Watch a demonstration video of this technique."

"Next I blow dry using a diffuser on the end of my blow dryer. I use high heat and it takes about 10-15  minutes. When I begin blow-drying I also scrunch the hair to get it to form spirals. I alternate between hanging my head upside down, hanging it over to the left and hanging it over to the right.  Once the spirals are formed I don’t scrunch anymore. Instead, I switch to an open palmed motion, gently pushing up a handful of curls. This encourages them to be as tight as mine are able to be. Leaning over while blow-drying and scrunching encourages the curls to separate from one another, resulting in fabulous curl definition. It also really helps with volume at the roots."

"After a few minutes I stop touching it all together and just move the hair dryer around to get it to continue drying. I’m still alternating between upside down, left and right. I then flip my head up to normal and arrange any curls that look weird. I let it continue air-drying for the next hour or so, then scrunch out any crunch I may have. The result is frizz-free curls that last until I go to bed."

"Overall this takes 45 minutes from start to finish, including showering, plunking and getting dressed."

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Learning about and caring for your curls can be frustrating and overwhelming. The Curly Care Center has everything you need to know to learn about your own personal hair type and which Jessicurl products will work best for you. Here you will also find tips for each of our products, instructions on how to use them and styling techniques that will ensure frizz free, bouncy curls every day.

What type of curls do I have? Use our helpful grid to determine your curl type so you can better assess what Jessicurl products will be right for you.

Which Jessicurl products are right for me? Now that you know your hair type, use this chart to determine which Jessicurl products will be best for you.

How do I use Jessicurl products? Here you’ll find step by step instructions for using each of our three collections. Now that you know which collection is right for you, following the steps is easy!

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